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Warehouse Hours Monday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday: By appointment Weekend pickup available by appointment Phone Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Have a question?

Please feel free to contact us at info@rocketz.net or zola.rocketz@gmail.com for any product inquiries or custom quotes. All emails will be responded to the next business day. 

*What happens if your parts do not fit? 

  1. Due to the nature of all ***AFTERMARKET*** parts and various factors involved, it is very difficult for any company to guarantee fitment. When something doesn’t fit, we would need you to take lots of photos and email them to us showing what’s wrong. We have been in business since 1992, which is 20+ years. Most of the parts we carry have been sold before. We usually know how they are. If there is something wrong with a part, we would usually get feedbacks from customers already. If we have never got any feedback, we would assume the parts have no major problem. You will need to prove to us for a return or exchange
  2. Consult with ***experienced*** AFTERMARKET parts installers for proper installation. The truth is any certified repair shop can install OEM parts, but NOT every shop can install AFTERMARKET parts.
  3. If you are going to return or exchange the parts, you should keep the parts in original conditions. Not modified, cut, drilled nor dirty. If they are body kits wrapped in plastics only, we do not need the packaging material.
  4. Return the parts within the time frame specified in the “RETURN & EXCHANGE” section below. If you cannot return it within that, you should call us within a week and let us know ahead of time.
  5. Failure to do any of the above, we reserve the rights to do any return, exchange or refund. 

I see air bubbles, scratches and cracks on my body kit… 

All efforts have been made to ensure the quality of our parts, but unfortunately, due to the nature of all HAND MADE FIBERGLASS parts and various sources we get them from, all these are common imperfections associated with them. They are considered normal and it is a standard procedure that installers always have to take care of during prepping process. It is also a well known fact that work is always required for this type of parts. If you check the terms and conditions of all companies selling these parts, you will understand why this is common. It is just impossible for a wholesaler like us to guarantee or be responsible for any costs customers claim. From our 20+ years of experience seeing all sorts of parts from all different manufacturers, even the very expensive parts from Japan (costing over $1000 a bumper) may have the same issues. And we are already selling these parts at a fraction of the prices of the original manufacturers, buyers shouldn’t expect that these parts have to be even better than original. Buyers should also understand that these are NOT OEM factory parts. Modifications involving cutting, trimming, patching, adding brackets and any necessary custom work MAY be required for proper fitment. 

Why do you charge $20 deposit in advance for weekend pick-up/meet-up? 

For customers who can’t come in during our regular business hours, we have to set aside our time to meet up with customers during weekend. In order to make sure you show up and we don’t waste each other’s time, we have to charge $20 non-refundable deposit in advance. It can be paid thru Paypal or online banking/email transfer, no credit cards sorry.

***Fenders and side skirts are priced and sold in PAIRS. We don’t break them up 


All returns and exchanges are subjected to a 20% charge. And Yes, we charge 20% fee on exchange as well! For local customers, returns and exchanges must be made within 1 week. For out of town customers, returns and exchanges will be accepted only with a return authorization (R.A) from Zola Enterprises Company Ltd. R.A. is valid for only 14 days from the date of issue. R.A. does not guarantee a replacement or a refund, but only that we will inspect the merchandise based on your claim. Items must be returned in new or original condition. All returned items must be in unused, unaltered, unpainted condition along with all the hardware, instruction, etc. Drilled and dirty parts will not be accepted. Returns must be sent freight prepaid by you. Any COD shipments will be refused and sent back to you. Special orders items can not be returned. Damaged products are not considered defective and wrong products. All returnable items must be carefully packed in original packaging or better if the original packaging is not in good condition. Purchaser is advised to insure the returned goods for their full value for his own protection, since neither Zola Enterprises Company Ltd. nor the shipping company would be responsible for any damage or loss in shipment. Refund will not be issued on returned merchandise damaged on the way back to Zola Enterprises Company Ltd. until the settlement of the claim with the carrier. The amount of the refund to the purchaser for the damaged returned goods will depend upon the settled claim amount. 

Hi, I received the package but I have 3 questions: – Does the spoiler you sent me is 2 peices connected in 1? (for painting purpose) I dont want to break it if I try to disconnect the upper part. – Are the little holes under the upper part normal? They’re just holes in plastic. -The spoiler’s 2 tip wings doesnt seem to fit as one is higher than the other when I put the spoiler on a straight table. Is it intended? 

yes, it is a 2-pc construction. you can take it apart for painting. 2. yes, the holes are normal. All spoilers with enclosed construction are required to have holes drilled for ventilation. 3. all our spoilers use flexible resin, meaning that they become soft with heat if adjustments are required. It is normal for flush-mount and long span spoilers to be like this. For your spoiler, usually you just have to bolt all the pieces down gradually and evenly onto the trunk. Everything should line up properly with minor adjustment. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions. Thanks. 

do you have a precise and accurate picture or plan for the spoiler location? The paper that was sent with the spoiler doesnt show any location. And do I need to seal the borders with some kind of sealing glue or tape? 

sorry, unfortunately none of these aftermarket spoilers will have the template you requested. You will just have to line it up to the trunk and center it by taking measurements. There are tons of photos of the authentic nismo spoiler on the internet. You will just need to compare them to see how they are positioned. We have sold many without problem. When in doubt, always consult with professionals. And yes, you do need to run black silicone around the edges to keep it waterproof. Thanks.